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Working during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

With Covid - 19 now being a major consideration in all of our lives, we have to adapt our personal lives to maintain some sort of normality. This is also true for our working lives and the importance of having our chimneys swept and appliances serviced remains highly important.

If we don’t maintain our appliances and ensure they are kept safe, compliant and in good working order, we run the risk of a chimney fire and/or carbon monoxide poisoning.

I would encourage people who use their appliances no matter how infrequently to have them swept and serviced before this coming winter. I would also encourage people to organise their fuel so that they have plenty of good quality dry fuel ready for winter.

We may face another lock down, so having an appliance in safe working order, with plenty of fuel will be one less thing to worry about.

The nature of my job or that of any chimney sweep, often means I go from house to house, often several times a day. This does carry a potential Covid 19 risk, as I could unknowingly cross contaminate across houses. To remain professional and safe, I have had to adapt both the way in which I work and the service that I provide.

As a result of this I have invested in new PPE and before entering your house, I will now be wearing a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator), A P3 rated Half mask or P3 rated disposable mask dependant on the job in hand. This primarily protects me from the carcinogens of soot whilst working, but may also be a positive during the current pandemic. Please don’t be alarmed by the visual of this, it doesn’t mean I will be making any mess or dust! I just want to work safely with the best PPE.

In addition to my usual disposable gloves, I will also be wearing a single use coverall which will be worn for each individual job, then they will all be laundered at 60 degrees at the end of the day. This will help reduce the chances of any cross contamination from house 2 house, and is far better for the environment than disposable coveralls. I will be wearing wipe able shoe covers; and wiping these with alcohol wipes after visiting each property.

As well as my usual floor sheets, I will temporarily be using a disposable under sheet, again minimising any cross contamination.

I will work as cleanly as possible and ensure any door handles or surfaces touched will be cleaned appropriately with alcohol/ethanol wipes.

I will regularly wash my hands and change my gloves following good hygiene practices and using alcohol gel where appropriate.

In preparation of my visit, I ask that you clear the hearth and empty the ash to minimise any house hold objects I need to touch. Please ensure an area approx. 2m x 2m if possible has been cleared in front of the appliance.

On my arrival, if we could maintain a suitable safe distance from each other and whilst I’m working if possible, I would ask you to leave the room.

On completion of the work, I will email you the certificate of completion and/or any advice or guidance. If you require a paper copy, please let me know and this can be arranged.

I will invoice you for Payment, but please ensure payment is made the same day as the job is completed unless an alternative date is agreed. If you prefer to pay cash, please let me know in advance.

By following the above I aim to have zero human contact and as little physical contact with furnishings as possible. I hope by making a few small changes to the way I work, I can still carry on and provide you with a professional and safe service. If you have any questions or would like me to make any changes, please just ask.

Please note if you are currently suffering with Covid 19 symptoms or have done within 14 days, please let me know so that we can reschedule. I will be taking a very responsible approach to this too, and if I display any symptoms will be self-isolating accordingly.

This outline is not exhaustive and I may alter my approach, based on future guidance and advice.

Thank you for reading,

Best wishes and stay safe.


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