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"The List"

New for 2021

I want to make it easier for people to get their chimney swept when they want it done. As we all know trying to get an appointment from a chimney sweep in the Autumn is very difficult and you often have to wait several weeks before they can get to you.

If you are an existing customer of G Lucas chimney sweep and have your chimney swept annually, you will already be on my reminder system... AKA... "The List"!

If you would like to be added to the list... Simply send me your name, address, contact details and which month you would like your chimney swept and/or appliance serviced and as my diary fills up, you will receive a timely reminder. Allowing you to get booked in for the month you want the work completed.

Both the fire service and sweeping associations advise annual sweeping and maintenance and most likely your insurance company will too.

If your chimney has a bird guard on the top, then often the best time to get it swept is when you have finished using it, during the end of spring/summer months. This is especially true if you have a metal liner in the chimney. I always say..... Use the summer months for cleaning them and the winter months for using them. Having your chimneys swept and appliances serviced in the summer months means if any repairs are needed, there is plenty of time to get this done before you need to start using it again.

For appliances such as open fires without bird guards, then typically the best time to get the chimney swept is at the end of nesting season which is usually around early September.

We are all guilty of forgetting about our fires over the summer and then as soon as it starts to get cold 95 percent of the country with chimneys want them swept at the same time. Which is why it's very difficult to get an appointment from September to December.

"The List" is simply a reminder service. To get added please text or email me your name, address, the month you want the work completed and your preferred contact method followed by "add me to the list". You will then receive confirmation within 24hrs. That's it. Simples!!!

Text 07887770340


Under GDPR, reminders not replied too within 28 days will be removed .

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