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The Lucky Sweep!!!

Did you know chimney sweeps are supposed to be good luck? Since becoming a chimney sweep, I've had people ask me to blow them kisses whilst working on roofs, I've been touched on the arm and head, had many a hand shake, had my brush stroked and endless requests for good luck! It is also deemed good luck to see the brush come out the top of the chimney and some say you should even make a wish!

There is also the seemingly forgotten tradition of having a chimney sweep at your wedding. This is very popular in the Gypsy community, where a sweep would normally shake hands with all of the guests. It is also said..... If a bride see's a sweep on the way to the church and once married the bride receives a kiss and the groom receives a hand shake and both are gifted with soot from the sweep- then this too is lucky.

But why is this? and where did this originate?

One Story goes that in the year 1066, A chimney sweep saved King William from being hit by an out of control carriage on the streets of London. King William was so grateful for the act that he invited the chimney sweep to his daughter’s wedding, and from that day forth declared chimney sweeps to be lucky and that they would be the only service profession allowed to wear top hats.

Another story goes that in the 1700’s king George II was riding his horse in a procession when a growling dog appeared, startling his horse and causing the king to lose control. A passing chimney sweep came to his rescue calming the horse, and saved the king from falling. King George II decided to reward him by declaring that all chimney sweeps were lucky.

Another less popular story says that a chimney sweep fell from a roof while working, but was able to grab onto guttering. A woman saw him and pulled him inside through a window to safety. The sweep was extremely grateful and they both fell in love and got married.

No doubt there are many other stories out there, but these three are known to me and as you have read all three have links to Good Luck, Love, Weddings and Top Hats!

So if you see a Chimney sweep on your travels give them a wave, if they sweep your chimney make a wish when you see the brush come out the top and if you get married why not invite a sweep to the wedding. After all...we all need a bit of luck once in a while!

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best of luck!!!

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